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Clutch problem warning signs

The clutch regulates the power to your engine, is necessary for your car to accelerate, deccelerate and stop and to prevent your gears from being damaged when you change them.

Your clutch takes a lot of punishment over time and without it you would be unable to change gears as required, making your car effectively undrivable - so It usually pays for you to makes sure it stays in good condition.

Indicators your clutch may not be performing as well as it should   

  • A Burning or hot smell similar to burning rubber is coming from the car or smoke from under vehicle is apparent
  • The car seems to slip out of gear for no apparent reason, or is easily knocked out of gear
  • Changing gears feels difficult or gear operation seems "sticky" and not smooth as it should be
  • Shuddering when using the clutch or the clutch feels as though it is sticking, indicating the clutch is not disengaging correctly 
A clutch displaying any of the symptoms outlined above under normal operation could be affected by one or more of any number of faults.

Subject to the type of vehicle or engine under consideration, similar symptoms can be displayed by a large number of different faults. This makes proper diagnosis of clutch related issues a tricky operation to say the least.

Your best bet if you are having problems with your clutch or changing gears is to bring your car to our well equipped Maddington service centre and let us check it over for you.

For the best advice on clutch related issues, including shuddering, slipping or unusual noise or vibrations contact us at Wheeler Automotives today.  

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